We make medicine precise

to treat chronic episodic disorders

Our why

We believe that every day is valuable. We develop digital therapeutics (DTx) that enhance treatment success in day-to-day life.

Our first product

Migraine is a prime example of a chronic episodic disorder with huge potential to meet unmet needs.
migraine sufferers


treatment options


types of migraine

The Solution

tailored patient interventions against migraine

Our product pipeline

All DTx products are developed as digital health applications (DiGA). We validate their effectiveness in decentralized clinical trials to reach patients faster while improving the diversity of our trials. We collect real-world data to demonstrate how our DiGAs work in daily life. Our goal is to remove any remaining barriers to patient care by finding the best treatment for patients and predicting any changes.

Our strengths


We take a low-code approach to developing content-centric applications with a strong platform for analyzing real-world data across diverse populations and supporting digital clinical trials.

Clinical Development and Research

We are committed to develop personalized, comprehensive, validated, digital programs that achieve clinically relevant treatment effects for chronic disorders.


We have a successful track-record in obtaining reimbursement with the DiGA model and creating trusted relationships with patients and physicians.


We see real-world data not only as an important source of evidence, but also as a source of reverse translation that lets us discover better access to care and leads to prediction of treatment outcomes and preemptive therapies.

Our Values

We live our values every day.

Personal Growth

Everyone can take on responsibility from the start, learn from those around them and constantly improve. We help you build on your strengths and appreciate when you share your expertise, realize your ambitions and bring your own interests to your work.


Your work makes a difference! We want to effectively and sustainably improve treatment options for people with chronic illnesses where conditions can change day by day, empowering them to become experts themselves while getting the best help from healthcare professionals. We set our priorities to identify problems and solve them to make medicine more precise.


Health does not begin with medicines and medical devices, but with you. That’s why we value a work atmosphere that promotes mental and physical well-being and take responsibility for the impact on the people directly around us. We also value organizational health as a business advantage. Organizational health ranges from integrity to flexible working hours and locations.

Love for Science

Science is the basis of our work. Clinical effectiveness and a strong scientific foundation are central to product development and all our processes. We make decisions based on data, not opinions. We invest in advancing research through data that advances our understanding of the underlying biology of disease and collaborates with renowned partners to create a new medicine.